Budgeting, Planning and Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics and Prophix

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CFOs the world over consider budgeting, forecasting and reporting to be among their largest challenges. The crux of these challenges is that their businesses environments consist of disparate systems and departments feeding tremendous amounts of data into shared offline spreadsheets. This poses the risk of data within the spreadsheet being inadvertently overridden, lost or otherwise altered in ways that lead to an inaccurate perception of a company’s financial status. And even when the spreadsheets are correct, maintaining countless rows and columns costs finance team hours upon hours of productivity.

Luckily for Microsoft Dynamics users, there is a solution that can integrate with your ERP and revolutionize the insights gained from your data: Prophix.

Prophix is a corporate performance management application developed by financial professionals for finance teams. Whether your solution is on-premise or in the cloud, Prophix will automate your processes and allows you to proactively react to your financial situation.

Turnkey Technologies and Prophix recently held a joint webinar on the benefits of integrating Prophix with Microsoft Dynamics. Check out the video below to learn more about this incredible Dynamics add-on!

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