Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Strengthen Your Customer Relationships When Everyone is Working Remotely

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With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your information is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Just because the office is closed doesn’t mean your ability to service existing customers or manage your pipeline of future customers should be affected.

Here are a few specific ways we feel that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an asset during this time:

Office 365 & Dynamics 365 – Better Together

  • Track email customer interactions with one-click. Access customer information and communication history without ever leaving Outlook. Use Excel directly inside Dynamics 365 for convenient reporting options, or securely export data to Excel for bulk updating of CRM information.
  • Visualize Dynamics 365 data with Power BI for trend reporting or easy-to-use customer dashboards
  • Manage and collaborate on documents securely and efficiently with SharePoint and Dynamics 365.
  • Use Skype to call anyone from within Dynamics 365 and track activity and call logs inside your customer records for detailed communication histories.
  • Leverage Microsoft Teams to collaborate more effectively across departments on Dynamics 365, share files, and easily exchange information via Chat.

Automated Workflows Keep Things Moving

By automating time-consuming manual tasks, you help teams develop more efficient processes and increase business productivity – no matter where you are working.

Let’s say a customer emails the customer support mailbox with an issue.  A workflow can create a new support case in CRM, and an email notification can alert the team that a new case has been created. At the same time, an email notification can be sent to the customer, letting them know their case has been logged, and someone will be in touch with them shortly. Workflows make sure no critical steps are missed.

A Single Source of Truth

This one is especially important for people who are no longer able to yell over the cubical wall and ask someone for an update.

Poor information management can negatively impact your business. With Dynamics 365, information is stored in a secure environment, organized in a way that makes sense for your business, and available for whoever needs it and has the necessary permissions. When you can unify data across your systems into a single source of truth, everyone can make better business decisions. Dashboards are the go-to place for business intelligence.

Dashboards provide an at-a-glance snapshot of the important information you need to manage in real-time. They could give a summary of daily processes, the number and priority of reported service issues, or an interactive sales funnel illustrating sales pipelines across the organization or individuals – no need to wait for a Friday sales meeting to see how your pipeline is measuring against sales goals

Microsoft Dynamics 365

When you can access information anywhere, anytime, you will be able to maintain customer loyalty, long-term business success, and more predictable revenue.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help.

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