Working from Home: 4 ways to Optimise Productivity Using Your CRM

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Work from Home CRM

Work from Home CRM- Although there has been a shift in lockdown measures, with the recent update from the government telling people to return to work, those of us that are able to continue working remotely have been encouraged to do so.

With this new work dynamic set to continue on a long-term basis, how can we ensure that productivity within our sale teams remains optimal, whilst all management and monitoring has to be remote? Director of Preact, a Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Specialist based in Berkshire, Warren Butler, offers 4 ways to utilize your CRM system to ensure productivity within your sales teams doesn’t weaver.

Ownership and Accountability

Whether you use a round-robin approach or assign leads to sales members by geographic location, when a new lead enters your CRM system, make sure that ownership of that lead is automatically assigned to a member of the team through an automated flow or use of a custom Power App.

Lead ownership will ensure that none of your leads slip through the cracks and will make your whomever was assigned the lead accountable for the outcome of that opportunity.

Activity Tracking

A common pain point for management within sales functions is keeping track of daily sales activity. This challenge existed far before the lockdown and has proved more challenging since this remote environment begun.

By making sure that your team are logging all of their outbound sales activity (emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages etc.) against the prospects profile on your company’s CRM system, you can better monitor their productivity. Having this transparency in activity will also ensure reaching daily outreach targets is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Avoid Pipeline Decay

Dependent on the product or service that you offer, you will most likely have an average length of time between when a lead enters your CRM system to when an outcome is reached, whether that be a loss or a win. To ensure that no lead remain within a sales member’s pipeline longer than it should, set a workflow within your CRM that flags any leads that can surpassed this average conversion period. Remember that during lockdown and as restrictions continue to be reduced, conversion periods may be more erratic than usual with radio silence followed by a sudden flurry of interest.

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