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In this current situation of dormant demand and economic recession, existing customers of every business firm are their biggest asset as of now. Thus, most of the businesses are adjusting their priorities and focusing their attention on existing customers. Many organizations are putting their efforts in analysing, assessing, and adapting their operations to set themselves up for future sustainability and growth post-COVID-19. Since there are many sectors related to a single business firm for enhancement; in this article, we will discuss upskilling your Service agents to manage Customer service provisions with the help of Sage CRM.

Focus on servicing your customers the way they want to be serviced –

Nowadays, customers expect consistent service regardless of the channel they use to contact you. It is no longer based on the Selling point channel that should be the only source to share the concerns related to product or service. But variations to be able to contact through any channel and to be updated with the progress of the complaint logged is what is been expected.

1. Email: Are you supporting requests via a central support email inbox? –

Sage CRM allows configuring an email account in the application which will thereby download all the emails directly into the CRM. Thus, configuring a centralized Support email account will help the service agents to access all the complaints or concerns raised by the Customer within the CRM. Doing so will also help in maintaining the Customer data i.e. the contact information, the product/service purchased as well as the complaint tickets in a single application. Thus, there will be ease in access to Customer’s details as well as the provision to solve and update them with the resolution details from the CRM itself either with the help of manual emails or with the help of ticket workflow’s email action.

2. Portal:What about allowing your clients to log into a Web portal and manage support tickets online? –

The ability to integrate a Web portal with Sage CRM will help to manage support tickets online. Thereby, reducing the task of the Service agents to manually log in the queries raised by the client in CRM but rather focus on resolving the same.

3. Website:Are you capturing inquiries via a Webform? –

The ability to allow your customers to opt for raising new inquiries with ease can prove profitable even in these crucial times. Sage CRM’s Web to Lead will help to design a web form to capture enquires online and it will be directly reflected in the CRM.

4. Rethink your case routing

It’s the right time to build a clear picture of agent skills and knowledge. Compared to earlier, your agents might have little more time now; thus identifying the gap in your service agent’s knowledge and grabbing the opportunity to train these agents will be of great profit to your business. Reviewing your case routing based on agent’s expertise and ability will increase chances of rapid and accurate resolution thereby, making your service desk more efficient. Making the job more interesting for the agents who get to deal with the issues they are expert in which ultimately delights the customer who just wants their issues sorted out as quickly as possible.

5. Measurement and Reporting

No business will ever want the SLA’s to be breached, the Customers to be disappointed or your service agents getting frustrated. But, how to identify whether your business is managing it in the right way? Try to answer the below questions –

  • Which support cases have had no response?
  • Which members of your support team are closing most of the issues?
  • What’s the average response time?
  • Which support members have the most open cases?
  • Which cases are about to breach SLAs?

If you cannot easily answer the following questions, then you need to re-evaluate your processes and the technology you are leveraging to get to the vital KPIs of your service team. Sage CRM can easily help to evaluate the past processes with the help of Standard built reports as well as by customizing the report view to get the desired output.

Companies across the globe are encouraging remote working and this can only be realized with the use of mobile CRMs. At Sage, we are home to an industry-leading CRM software that comes with adaptable chatbots, has built-in customer experience metrics, and lets you engage with customers with ease. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at

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