It Pays to Pick an ERP Partner that Has Your Back

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We understand choosing an ERP partner is a big deal. While there are partners to choose from, only the greatest will give you the most out of your ERP implementation and set your business up for growth and success.

So how do you know what a great ERP partner will bring to the table? Let’s take a look.

Fuel Your Success

You need a partner that knows your company inside and out and will tailor their system to fit your needs. A great implementation partner will do just that. Before the project begins, they will work hard to get to know your company, investigating its strengths as well as any weak areas. They will then tailor the system to fit your specific needs when it’s time for implementation  What does that mean? It means you end up with a system that not only accomplishes the basics, but that improves your company’s weak points, boosting efficiency and increasing profits.

Forward Thinking

Every great ERP partner plans for the future. By anticipating potential project challenges and providing reliable solutions in advance, they will save your company valuable time and funds. They also get your entire company involved. ERP implementation isn’t just something for the managers to take part in, all departments and employees should have a share. Great ERP partners communicate with employees to explain the project impact and plan, address concerns, and provide needed training. With what result? All company employees are ready to skillfully use your new system, getting the most out of your implementation.

Expertise and Trustworthiness

A great partner brings expertise to the project. Their teams have a deep understanding of the system they are implementing, experience working with your specific industry, and knowledge of the best way to provide training and support. But you need more than just a knowledgeable long term partner. You need a partner you can build a relationship with. While implementation is short term, a great ERP partner will help you take full advantage of your system for years to come. When you combine expertise with trustworthiness, you get a partner that’s sure to go above and beyond for your company; not just now, but into the future.

Active Management

It’s important that your ERP implementation delivers on what’s needed. Great ERP partners manage your project from beginning to end to ensure you get what you want. They should create a clear project plan while keeping an eye on budget, deadlines, and employee training. The ERP project manager takes the role of making sure everyone is on track while keeping you involved and informed every step of the way. This will provide you with an organized and successful implementation project.

In the end, the success of your business is what matters. While many ERP partners might be adequate enough, only great partners will deliver the system, training, and long-term relationship that will get your business to the next level. How can you know which partner will do that? We’ve compiled a list of questions, as well as warning signs to watch out for, to help you choose the best partner for your company.

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