Dynamics 365’s AI Capabilities

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Customer Relationship Management software is one of the most popular software categories in the world, and its ubiquity is expected to only rise in the coming years. CRM software suites are feature-rich, fully operational tools that are often at the bleeding edge of technology. They are robust data accumulation tools that facilitate companies in gathering, storing, managing, and consolidating interactions. 

One market differentiator that can make a CRM rise above the others is its ability to utilize innovative AI capabilities. There is quite a lot of competition in the market in this regard. All companies are now looking for the finest CRM software with AI competencies. This is mainly because effective management added with automated client-outreach cultivates long-lasting connections with clients. The quantity of data generated has increased exponentially over the last decade. Considering this massive rise, organizations have adjusted their needs. Now they demand a CRM technology that not only focuses on data collection but also enables them to extract, evaluate, and interpret data in real-time so that they can make fast data-driven corporate decisions. 

Dynamics 365 is one of the leading technologies when it comes to AI-enriched CRM. Microsoft has continuously updated its features and, in the 2020 wave 1 release, have further enhanced the AI capabilities of Dynamics 365. 

In this post, we will be outlining some of Dynamics 365’s new AI capabilities that companies are now enjoying or will be enjoying soon: 

Integrated Data and Unparalleled Time To Insight 

We have said it before, and we will say it again: Customers want personalized and reliable results in every aspect of their CRM experience. Many companies, however, struggle to update their customer experience. This struggle is usually due to incoherent, disconnected data systems, and siloes that are unable to carry the complete idea of the customer’s experience through websites, service calls, mobile applications, and other interactions. In this regard, Dynamics 365 takes the stage. The recent updates aim to resolve these very problems for users. Microsoft has now introduced new first and third-party data connections that help enhance client profiles with real-time updates and activation features. Dynamics 365 Users can further benefit from these feature-rich updates by gaining deeper insights with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. 

The new and improved Customer Insights will help distinctively enhance profiles through a blend of proprietary audience intelligence and 3rd party data sources that include product and service usage data, firmographics, demographics, interests, and market trends.  

Additionally, users of Dynamics 365 can now integrate with Microsoft Forms Pro. This simple, robust company survey solution allows companies to connect with their clients and gain a deeper understanding of client behavior, actions, and responses. This empowers Dynamics 365 users with a complete, 360-degree view of clients. It further enables users to update customer profiles and actions in real-time. Therefore, Customer Insights remarkably improves client engagement and satisfaction! 

Improved Sales Forecasting with Predictive Analytics and Automation 

Microsoft has dramatically empowered sales professionals with robust sales forecasting features that dwell in automation and predictive analytics. Now sales professionals can enjoy accurate forecasting and a unified engagement hub for inside representatives. 

Microsoft has introduced new manual and predictive forecasting feature for a sales organization that allows them to have a better insight into their pipeline, make better predictions of results and gain more visibility into their current and future processes and performances. These new capabilities are available for both Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. 

The predictive forecasting facilities allow for proactive decision-making that is required to meet sales goals efficiently. Dynamics 365 allows companies to utilize predictive forecasting by obtaining patterns from customer relationship management (CRM) data, past and present leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, client interactions through emails and calls, etc., and then propelling this data into the future expectations of the company 

Furthermore, unlike some other forecasting systems out there, this new feature allows easy access to companies! Anyone can access the data without requiring a data scientist or tech expert! The new engagement center is explicitly designed to boost sales. It gives inside sellers a simplified way to quickly examine, explore, and connect with new leads and opportunities. The idea is to provide a priority-based work queue to sales representatives so that they take effective and immediate actions ensuring that no lead is missed.  

AI-Infused Finance Insights 

Microsoft has infused the power of AI in the finance arena of Dynamics 365 as well. Microsoft is expected to preview the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights anytime now, and people have their fingers crossed. Microsoft has promised a digital makeover for companies through these new capabilities. The main goal for most organizations in today’s business atmosphere is to minimize risks and concentrate on strategic initiatives. Therefore, it is vital for organizations to quickly free finance from recurring, timely, and inefficient day-to-day pursuits. By leveraging AI into finance, the Finance Insights aims to empower organizations with a better understanding of the company’s financial position.  

By incorporating AI, Finance Insights will enable users to act on monetary positions proactively. This means that users can improve cash scenarios before there is even anything to worry about. The new capabilities have either automated or removed basic tasks that require extra hiring! Microsoft’s dedicated investment in expanding AI capabilities around Dynamics facilitates companies to accelerate digital transformation plans while empowering personnel with insights that drive improved business results. 

Please Note: The capabilities we have discussed above will join many other updates directed to Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. The 2020 wave 1 release began in April 2020 and is going to continue up until September 2020. 

The purpose of this post was to enlighten readers of Dynamics 365’s new AI capabilities that companies can benefit from. Dynamics 365 is a leading name when it comes to CRM software. With its unique and improved functionalities released in wave 1, Dynamics 365 has become a game-changer in its arena!