9 Warning Signs That You Are Talking to The Wrong ERP Partner

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When starting an ERP project, choosing the right partner matters. Even the best software can be a bust if the implementation is done wrong. The key to knowing which partner is right for you, and which ones are now, lies in asking the right questions.

In the new eBook “9 Questions Nobody Asks Their ERP Partner…But Should” we’ve included a section of 9 warning signs to watch for when investigating potential partners. Here are a few examples:

1. Their proposed hours are significantly less than the other estimates you have received.

This could indicate that they don’t intend to spend time addressing your industry needs, or they don’t understand the full scale of the project. Either way, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. There is no training or post-implementation support included in their proposal.

A training plan is essential to ensure everyone in the company gets the guidance they will need before, during, and after the implementation.

3. Their follow up and response time has been slow during the sales cycle.

The response time from the beginning can be an indicator of how committed that company is to yours. One who’s not committed will leave you hurting later on when you need them the most.

4. They can’t provide any references for you to contact.

The partners you speak to should be happy to give you contact information for previous customers. If they can’t, they may be either inexperienced or worse…..trying to hide something.

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