Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Releases Cool New Features Called Kanban Swim Lanes

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It is now even more convenient to manage your sales pipeline. Dynamics 365 recently released some cool new features that allow you to update and manage your sales opportunities in — Kanban swim lanes.

Check out these few short steps required to for your Opportunity entity, this fantastic new feature will be at the use of your fingertips.

 To achieve these views, your Admin will need to:

1. Go to the specific entity through the Advanced Settings and choose the Opportunity entity.

2. Choose the entity, click on Control tab, Add Control, choose “Kanban” then choose to enable it for your device type radio buttons.

3. When you save and publish, a command bar will offer you two “Show As” Kanban view options for Opportunities – Status and Business Process Flow (BPF).

Kanban Swim Lanes Microsoft 365 Instructions

After a view has been enabled, the Kanban will display the opportunity stage swim lanes. It will also show the complete sales pipeline cards within their respective lanes.  From this point, you will now have power to click and drag “cards” between defined sales process stages with your usual Kanban ease.

Clicking and dragging opportunity cards between swim lanes in the Status view, i.e. “Open” to “Won”, dropping cards in these lanes will prompt you with a certain status dialog box.

There you will be able to fill in the required information and proceed to next steps.

When the same tasks are performed within the Business Process Flow (BPF) view, a BPF pop-up window will appear and allow you to complete or view the following information.

Kanban Swim Lanes MIcrosoft 365 Instructions

Kanban Swim Lanes Microsoft 365 Instructions

Moving your sales cards one direction or another will allow you to open the record and enable you to make any required updates to the system.

By default the view will display 10 cards in each lane allowing you to scroll for any additional count above that. In order for you to quickly find cards in the view, the “Search this view” option will allow you to enter keywords quickly for your perfect results.

Important Note: If customizations have been made to the default Business Process Flow (BPF) flow, the customizations (lane names, etc.) will be reflected in the BPF Kanban view and Dynamics 365 will use the BPF listed first as the default BPF for new records.

Other important things to note, is the Opportunity entity includes a small amount of Kanban functionality than other Kanban-enabled entities, (such as Activities or Cases.) Even though this option is available in other entities, there are extra views in Opportunity that will allow users to utilize their BPF view.

If you have been a former Kanban user or you’re just starting—adding this feature to your everyday sales amount will provide you a user-friendly method for improving your sales management Try it out and see if it helps with your sales pipeline activities.


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