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Hey Everyone,

I'm migrating from an instance of SugarCRM with over 25K records. We're in the construction industry schedule appointments to give proposals when visiting potential customers homes. We're a company of over 50+ employees, but our sales staff consists of 8-10 people, and the office staff is made up of 5-7 people.

We're looking for a CRM that will last the next 5 years and tie into our current software platforms in use. While I've done extensive research on which CRM's offer integrations out of the box, with the use of zapier and integromat it seems we can make almost any modern day, highly reputable CRM work.

Currently, we're considering Salesforce or Zoho. While I'd love to choose Salesforce as it seems to be the preferred choice in the CRM space, it is relatively more expensive than Zoho. As we would need the enterprise licenses for our team. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with Zoho. It seems to have almost the same capabilities as Salesforce at a fraction of the cost.

What shortcomings does Zoho have when comparing it to Salesforce?

Important Features for Our Team

  • Ease of Use for Sales Team
  • Integration With Phone System
  • Appointment Confirmations (SMS, Email)
  • Automated Communication Logging Under Records (SMS, Email, Phone)
  • Task Feature with Automation and Rules
  • Ability to Scale & Implement New Features
  • Highly Integrate-able
  • Cost Efficient

Current Software Used

  • Twilio – Call Recording, SMS, Call Routing
  • Dropbox – Project File Storage
  • Docusign – Proposal Signatures
  • Smartsheet – Project Management
  • Quickbooks Online – Accounting
  • Office 365 – Email & Calendar

Zoho seems like a very robust platform at about half the cost. It just seems to be less popular and less widely used and I'm not sure why.

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