How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Healthcare

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Today, we live in a world where data is the most precious thing. And this certainly has huge benefits across various fields including healthcare. As the volume of data continues to increase at a rapid pace, Artificial intelligence stands at a ripe juncture where it’s required more than ever. As it continues to evolve, artificial intelligence will provide humans to gain unprecedented insights and thus revolutionize diagnostics once and for all. This article throws light on 3 ways artificial intelligence is enhancing healthcare.

1. Expanding healthcare services to developing regions

It’s as unfortunate as it’s true that medical services aren’t distributed equally across the world. According to data, India has a shortage of about 2 million nurses and 6,00,000 doctors. Developed countries have more diagnostic centers and better healthcare facilities than the developing ones. This is where Artificial Intelligence makes a significant mark. For example in a country like India where there is a high need for radiologists, AI can screen chest X-rays and find out whether the patient has tuberculosis or not. Results have been welcoming as they suggest that the accuracy of AI systems is comparable to that of humans.

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2. Making medical instruments smarter

Medical instruments record the vital parameters of a patient. But smart devices that make use of artificial intelligence provide real-time data. Hence if the pulse rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, etc. fall below the safe mark, they automatically alert the healthcare professionals. Another benefit is that smart devices help doctors to identify whether the patient has developed sepsis or other complications that may lead to hospital-acquired condition penalties. 

3. Making electronic health records less burdensome

Electronic health records (EHR) provide an efficient way to store information safely through digital means. But one of the major disadvantages of EHR is that it causes users to burn out. This is because they have to enter extensive information and upload ample documentation from time-to-time. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the story. It makes the process simple and fast by introducing Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP helps users to input information through voice recognition. Moreover, AI also sends regular reminders and email notifications about medical refills and results so that both – the doctor and the patient – remain updated.

Artificial intelligence is a boon to the field of healthcare. It will make the documentation process super easy, integrate various patient touchpoints, and allow smart devices to collect real-time data of the patient’s vitals. This will make healthcare accessible to all and help save more lives. 

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