Customizing Acumatica for Contractor Terms Discounts for Building Supply Industry

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After working on more than 350 ERP projects, we have been asked to do a lot of unusual customizations. However, one client, in the building supply distribution industry, wanted a feature that nobody had ever asked us for before. This company wanted to offer “contractor terms” which could also be called “anticipated discounts.”

Many times in the building supply industry when companies deal with contractors, they have an open account. The contractor makes purchases all month long and “puts it on his account”. At the end of the month, he receives an itemized invoice.

For this specific building supply company, they wanted to offer an additional discount if the contractor paid quickly. So in their old ERP system, they were able to show the actual contractor’s price, and also show a lower price that reflected the contractor terms discount if they paid by a specific date.

This feature did not come with Acumatica out of the box. However, the platform that Acumatica is built on makes it very flexible. The CAL Business Solutions development team was able to customize Acumatica so the client could continue to offer these types of discounts.

Now, the invoice coming out of Acumatica shows the itemized charges for the month, the actual cost, and the additional anticipated discount with a due date. The contractor has the option to pay the full price or the discounted price.

AR Statement Example                     AR Invoice Example

Of course, this customization did require some time, which means an additional cost. But features such as “units of measure” and “contractor terms” were requirements for their business.

This distribution company selected Acumatica over an industry-specific product that may have had some of these features built-in. Because of the flexible platform, modern interface, and unlimited user pricing model they were convinced that Acumatica, with customizations, was the better choice.

Steve Slaughter, President/CEO of Frederick Block, Brick & Stone said, “When it came down to the final two choices, Epicor was customized to our industry, and Acumatica was not. If this was something we were choosing for the short term, it may have made more sense to go with the industry-specific solution. But we wanted a system that we felt could grow with us, so we would not have to go this process again for another 20 years. Acumatica, by far, seemed a better choice in that regard. It was a better long-term play.

Not every system had every single thing that was on our wish list, but Acumatica certainly checked all the boxes we needed it to. We felt Acumatica could be made to do all the things we needed for our industry, but it also had the flexibility to go above and beyond.”

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