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I’ve recently been interested in learning my way around CRMs. I studied salesforce a bit but learned quickly that I’m not qualified for any SF jobs in this country (language barrier). That was put on the back burner and I focused mainly on my current job and earning a higher degree.

Then covid happened.

I’m an English teacher in Japan. Our business has survived, thankfully. We all still have jobs. BUT, our entire school runs on paper. Everything is written on post it notes and scrap sheets. New students, renewals, payments, scheduling, even keeping track of homework for each class… handwritten.

As soon as we closed the doors and switched to online teaching, I pushed for the homework and schedule to go into google sheets. We were sharing cell phone pics of the book each day… ugh.

The reception/customer side of things is still all on paper. I’m trying to figure out if a CRM is the right tool to help us stop all this craziness.

The students do tend to move in stages. Inquire > level check > observation > join the class. And then once or twice a year they update their payments.

Is a CRM what I need and if so, is Hubspot a good choice?

Thank you all! Sorry if I missed a detail, I’m trying to crank this out in between lessons.

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