Notes on Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets app – Part 8 (Mobile Offline)

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Continuing our previous post, where we configured the entity for the offline, mobile offline profile, and also enabled the offline option for the app, in this post we’d see the behavior of the apps in the offline mode within the Dynamics 365 for Phones App.

On opening the app, the user for which the mobile offline profile is configured will be presented with the below option to download the data for offline.

Clicking on Download will start the download process.

Navigate to Settings à Offline Status (this status will only be added for the apps enabled for offline)

The Offline Status will show us the status of the download.

Once the download completes, we can see the Contact entity available and also the option of working offline enabled for it.

Enabling Work in offline mode, and navigating the dashboard displays the message as below

The phone app also shows the green connection symbol next to the contact entity.

Navigating to the Account entity (which is not configured for offline) shows the below message.

Navigating to Contact entity (configured for offline) displays the lists as expected.

Now let us open one of the records and update the value of a field in it.

Here we have updated the mobile phone number field.

Let us navigate to the Offline Status option and disable Work in Offline Mode.

We see the “The connection was successfully restored” message.

And also the record updated back in our Dynamics 365 Sales Hub App.

In this post, we saw the basic behavior of the phone app in the offline mode, in the next post, we will explore a few more features of the mobile app with regards to offline mode.

Hope it helps..