Looking for a solution, maybe it’s a CRM, maybe not

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Hi everyone! Firstly, I don’t know what I need, I thought on a CRM, but I’m not sure, and after looking for CRM, I’ve decided to ask here for help.

I work as a technical and sales support at an electrical distributor, and part of my work consist on answering calls and emails to customers and coworkers about project solutions, pricing, programming, etc. Thus, I could have about 30 emails per day and 10 calls, maybe it’s not too much, but day after day it can be messy. Other part consist on research of different products, solutions, or creating tools for my partners. Usually I have to follow a project, an answer, a due time, etc.

My “workflow”, if you want to call it that, is it to use the following:

  • Outlook for contacts, calendar and emails, all of it sync with the smartphone. When I receive an email, I answer it if it’s a short answer, or I put it without read for further work.

  • A folder in my computer with a sub-folder for each project or task where I put archives, ordered by date and where I put different stuff relative to the project.

  • A notebook where I write a rough draft of every detail I must catch on each phone call.

But I find it very messy, and I lose the focus on what I’ve accomplished on a week, or if I’ve dedicated more time to answering calls instead of doing the rest of my work.

I’ve tried a sheet where I write every task I want to achieve each week/month, but it becomes old very quickly. I’ve tried ClickUp, and while it’s fine, it’s not an easy task to mantain.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t know if I need a CRM or something, but I do know that I have to do something to clean up my workload. Could you help me? Is this the right place for it?

Thank you for your help.

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