How to Create, Send, Collaborate and Analyze Surveys in Microsoft Forms Pro for Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Forms Pro is a simple yet powerful enterprise survey tool that lets you capture, analyze, and act on customer and employee feedback. You can:

  • Create professional surveys no matter your skill set
  • Integrate data with Office 365 and Dynamics 365
  • Improve customer engagement with decisions based on AI-driven insights

To get a sense of the value of Microsoft Forms Pro let’s look at the highlights of how to create, send, collaborate on and analyze surveys.

Step 1: Create Survey

Before you create a survey you need to do some advance planning. First, identify the purpose of your survey. Do you want to interact with your customers, promote new products or services or measure customer satisfaction?

Once you decide on your goal, the AI assisted features can suggest some questions. For example, if you name your survey “Customer Satisfaction Survey” the AI assisted features give you a list of sample questions to choose from. You can use these or enter your own questions.

You can use branding to select a theme or upload a logo to customize the look and feel of your survey.

Using the branching rules feature you can make your survey interactive and ensure only relevant questions are displayed to respondents. For example, based on the response to question #1, you can choose to show the user #2, send them to a URL, end the survey or other options. This is easy to do without any coding, which is a powerful feature of Microsoft Forms Pro.

You can automatically insert custom information into your survey by using survey variables. You can easily personalize “First name, Last name”. Or you can choose your own variables such as “product used” and add default values. This information can be pulled from your Dynamics 365 data.

You can create a multilingual survey that allows respondents to choose their preferred language.  You can add translations for each language by simply selecting “edit” on the language and “add translation”. When you select “edit all” you have the option to download to Excel. In Excel you will be able to edit the translations for all languages and upload them back into the system.

Once you have created your survey you need to send it.

Step 2: Send the Survey

There are different ways you can send your survey in Microsoft Forms Pro.

  1. Send survey link using built-in email capability
  2. Automate the process via Power Automate
  3. Embed a survey in a webpage or Power Apps
  4. Send survey link
  5. Send survey QR code

You can send you survey manually or you can automatically send trigger-based surveys at a specific time such as when a support case is closed. You can go a step further and use Microsoft Flow to create triggered actions or notifications based on survey responses or sentiments.

After the survey is sent, you can use it to help others in your organization.

Step 3: Collaborate on the Survey

With Microsoft Forms Pro multiple people on your team can collaborate on the structure and layout of a survey. All collaborators can view, edit and delete responses and share the survey with other members.

You can also share a survey as a template so that other people in your organization can duplicate it, edit it and use it as their own. When you share a survey as template only the structure of the survey is duplicated, the existing response data is not carried over.

Now you created the survey, sent the survey, and collaborated on the survey. Next you need to analyze the responses you received.

Step 4: Analyze the Survey Results

Microsoft Forms Pro comes with analytics from Power BI that provides summary information and individual results for the survey. You can also export the results to Microsoft Excel.

You can see detailed information about your invitations such as average turn around time, number of failed invitations and invitation status. You can select each response to view more information or you can “view all” to get detailed insights for each question.

When you turn on sentiment analysis for a text field the system will automatically generate a word cloud with common phrases from the comments so you can quickly see if the sentiments are positive or negative overall.

Microsoft Forms Pro comes with rich analytics and you can create your own in-depth analysis by integrating survey data with Power BI.

Are you ready to use the power of Microsoft Forms Pro?

Microsoft Forms Pro is included with select Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is available as an upgrade for Office 365 subscriptions.

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By Uma Kaliaperumal, Crowe, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner,