COVID-19 has revamped the way businesses function. With growing restrictions on transport, trade, and commerce and adoption of remote working methodology, companies are trying to change the way they carry out their business services. But, statistics aren’t that welcoming. Recent research by Gartner shows that only 12% of organizations are highly prepared for countering the effects of the COVID-19. This article throws light on how business management software can help companies run business services effectively and sustain themselves through the crisis.

1. What you can do now?

  • Invest in must-haves remote working tools so that your employees can work from their home as well. Business management software – ERP and CRM – can help you do that.
  • Sanitize your office – workspace, canteen, lifts, washrooms – to ensure your employees are safe and they don’t become asymptomatic carriers of the COVID-19 virus. 
  • Postpone or cancel or work-related visits to faraway places. 
  • Align with health guidelines released by local health establishments and institutes of international repute.

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2. What should you prepare yourself for?

  • Identify the critical areas that affect your business the most – supply chain, employee payroll, and technology – and how business management software can help you deal with them.
  • To measure the effectiveness of your business services, establish a command center that will note whether compliances are met, productivity is attained, and workforce well-being is ensured.

3. What should you do in the long term?

  • Delivering customer commitments within the stipulated time is essential. Make use of business management software to create cross-functional teams that can deliver on time from anywhere.
  • It’s important that you consistently boost the morale of your employees to ensure better business outcomes. This requires you to establish a wide array of priorities such as healthcare and childcare.

4. How business management software helps you combat COVID-19?

  • Business management software will allow you to implement the best remote and onsite working schedules according to employees’ needs and skills.
  • To continue providing top-notch business services to your clients, you require high quality plus lightning speed. A business management software helps set a human and machine workforce that lets you deliver just that.
  • Augment the capabilities of your workforce through digital means and by building a resilient culture.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to adopt new means of conducting business. Implementing new and improved digital methods for smooth functioning is on the rise. This is where we can help. At Sage Software, we are home to world-class CRM, ERP and HRMS software that will make remote working a piece of cake, boost employee productivity, synchronize inter-departmental activities, and generate more profits. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at

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