Send sign-up form from lead to capture deal details (Freshsales, Pipedrive, Zoho)

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We're looking at a few different lead management platforms / CRMs which will be integrated into our in-house ERP system. One requirement that has been challenging to find is the ability to take a lead, which contains very basic information, and send a form to that lead so we can capture the remaining details for a deal.

We're obviously able to use something like TypeForm to capture all of the details at once, but it doesn't reference any of the lead information, and therefore would just submit into the CRM as a standalone opportunity or deal.

Without creating custom code, which we're prepared to do if absolutely necessary, can anyone think of a commercial CRM and third-party forms integration that does this?


Leads are bulk-loaded into CRM of choice

Sales reps call leads and find an interested lead

Sales rep pushes a button to send a sign-up form to lead

Lead fills out sign-up form, lead converts to deal, and has the correct information as submitted by lead


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