Why Your Business Needs a SaaS CRM Solution

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Nowadays the buzzwords across the business world are CRM and SaaS. Both these words are in trend due to some good reasons. There are many CRM and SaaS solutions present in the market helping businesses to work properly and efficiently in getting an increase in their marketing landscape and sales.

Around the globe, businesses are getting advantages by using a combined solution by SaaS and CRM. Using on-premise CRM software always increases the cost of a business as it will require servers, down line cost, and many types of other investments. What is the ideal deal for using both of these technologies at once? Experts recommend using SaaS CRM (cloud CRM) that is helpful to give a new height to your business.

The worldwide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software industry is predicted to get a growth of $40.26 billion by 2023. As compared to 2018, it is a projected increase of CAGR by 2.8%.

What Is SaaS CRM?

CRM doesn’t require much description. It’s a software solution that assists businesses in managing the interaction with their customers and develop a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with them. By using efficient and useful CRM software, you can easily interact with your vendors, customers, and other people who are involved in your business chain. It helps businesses provide excellent experiences to your customers and develop your brand’s trust in them.

The global SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) market is forecast to reach $157 billion by 2020. It is more than the double market size as of 2014. Along with Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, SaaS is one of the 3 main categories of global public cloud software.

In this way, if you add SaaS i.e. termed as Software-as-a-Service in this array, you get amazing results that can help you increase your customer base and improve your efforts in doing business. The main reason behind combined SaaS CRM is vested in the cloud, which tends that there is no requirement to invest a lot of money in setting up the hardware and its maintenance, so it becomes a helpful solution to reduce the business cost and increase your ROI.

So, if you want to take your business to a new level of success then using SaaS CRM is an ideal choice. 

When we talk about how to choose a CRM software then you should consider some points as listed below:

  • It should affordable,
  • It should be easy to use and meet your needs,
  • It should be able to help you instantly,
  • It offers accessibility 24*7.

There are lots of benefits available with SaaS CRM, but in this writing, we will describe some of the top benefits. So it will help you make proper utilization of this software solution ASAP.

1. Automated Data Entry

One of the best reasons for using robust CRM is automated data entry. It helps your employees to automate data entry in the business activities. Also, it allows your customer support, marketing, and sales personnel to get access to the same data as all of them are working in a centralized system. It becomes easy to retrieve data from the database in a few seconds.

It also helps employees to share information in a customized manner and use it to promote their products and services. If you use advanced CRM then it also helps in removing duplicate entries from the database.

2. Get Control Over the Sale Process

Here come the major benefits of using SaaS CRM in your sales process. It helps in preventing the slipping deals from your hands and also boosts up your sales cycle. Tracking is possible as you can check the prospects in the purchasing cycle by building a fruitful sales chain with SaaS CRM in your business.

Easy management of sales processes if possible and it helps you manage multiple industries with multiple sales pipelines. A consistent flow of deals can also be managed easily with the proper sales pipeline.

CRM also helps you:

  • Track prospects in the sales cycle,
  • Make different deals stages as and when needed,
  • Avoid stalled deals by adding rotting time in the pipeline,
  • Track the deals and follow-ups in order to convert the leads in confirm clients.

3. Efficiency in Developing a Centralized Data Management System

Consider the condition, if you have to take information from different offline resources. It is a problematic task to collect all the information. It might be a lengthy process and affects the production power of your business and sales team. The whole team of sales and support feel trouble in fetching older data. But, the solution is available with SaaS CRM as it creates a centralized data management system for your business. 

The software solution offers real-time data upgrades functionalities. It also saves the information on the cloud in this manner, the sales, marketing, and customer support staff can access the data at the same time. It not only provides access to the information in a centralized way but also ensures that the people are working on the right information all the time. 

4. Cost-effective Solution

As discussed above, if you use a combined SaaS CRM solution then there will no need to invest a big amount initially. Along with this, you will save your money that is required in doing maintenance, updates, and backups of the data. There will no need to install any additional hardware. All this will be the core responsibility of your SaaS CRM vendor. You are only required to pay for the service you are using to manage your data, so it also helps you manage the core activities of your business functions.

5. Smooth and Coherent Integration

As technological advancements are providing businesses with a rapid speed in terms of growth and development, integrations of multiple tools are becoming a necessity. Apart from using multiple integration tools for different projects, it not only increases the cost of running a business but also takes a lot of time to complete the tasks. Here comes the role of SaaS CRM, as it offers smooth integration with a large number of tools. In this manner, it helps businesses to streamline their business operations and facilitates in running everything in a seamless way.

Final Words

Focusing on the above details, we can easily understand the importance of using SaaS CRM in any business. As a cloud-based system, SaaS CRM can save your money that is required in the installation, management, and maintenance of a software product. It is an ideal choice to go with technological advancements like SaaS for taking the business at the maximum level of success.