What do you picture while thinking about team building? Is it office parties or team lunches? Well, according to the report, around 70% of the global workforce works remotely for at least once a week. With the rise of geographically dispersed teams, it is important to think of new ways of team building and collaborating with your colleagues. This article discusses 5 remote working tips and team-building exercises that will allow you to build a resilient team.

1. Allow your team members to know each other well

  • The essential motive of getting team members to know each other is to build mutual trust.
  • Trusting team members collaborate well with each other and easily share business-critical information.
  • The best way to start a team meeting is by asking a fun question such as “Did you watch the latest episode of Sacred Games?” or “Are you planning to attend the Ganpati festival this year?”. Fun questions help bring down unnecessary concerns and worries, and creates a productive environment.
  • An important remote working tip is to learn about the past experiences of your team members and congratulate them for every small accomplishment.

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2. Plan virtual get-together

  • A virtual get-together is a new experience and at first, appears to be unresponsive, but gets delightful over time.
  • You can plan virtual pizza sessions where the whole team will order the same pizza and eat at the same time as others on-screen.
  • You can also play virtual games online and enjoy together. Such activities bring team members closer.

3. Use technology to its maximum

  • Encourage your team members to look outside normal voice calling.
  • Ask them to connect on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger and enable informal conversations like sharing pet photos.
  • Greet each other using gifs and memes.
  • Use Video conferencing tools such as Skype to conduct team-building exercises like online tutorials.

4. Meet physically at least once a week

  • Make it mandatory for all your team members to meet at least once a week in the office.
  • Nothing can replace the feel of touch and those lag-free chit-chat sessions.

5. Encourage shared leadership

  • An important remote working tip is to allow your team members to work as they like. They shouldn’t feel that they are being constantly monitored and would face strict punishment if they fail to follow the guidelines.
  • A good team-building exercise would be to allow your team members to take risks and test new ideas.

The above mentioned remote working tips and team-building exercises will certainly enable you to make a better, stronger, and resilient remote working team. And enterprise technology will help you in your endeavor. At Sage, we are home to world-class CRM software that will let you stay connected with your team 24/7 and allow you to work with the same vigor in an office setting. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in.

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