Azure Insights: IoT; Web app security; Storage Accounts; Exam prep

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Microsoft Azure pros share their latest advice on working with Azure IoT, security for web apps, launching Storage Accounts and exam prep.

Making sense of Azure IoT

Writing on Build5Nines, Chris Pietschmann explored Azure IoT from the perspective of an admin. Many users are already familiar with the rose of IoT (short for Internet of Things), which adds network connectivity to sensors and industrial devices. Cloud technology has further expanded IoT, adding in an AI and machine learning-based automation layer for managed more intelligently at larger scale.

Over time, Microsoft has built a substantial portfolio of SDKs for IoT and provides a variety of Azure services. Among them are IoT Central, which helps with creating IoT solutions, IoT Hub, a scalable messaging broker, IoT Device Provisioning Service, Maps and Time Series Insights. IoT Edge assists with deployments at the edge of the network, while Sphere improves security and Digital Twins generates models of physical environments. He wrote:

A common design pattern used when building a modern IoT solution (with Azure IoT or otherwise) is the Lambda Architecture pattern. The Lambda Architecture design pattern is a data processing pattern designed for Internet of Things (IoT) and other Big Data systems that need to process data in near real-time, in addition to data storage and batch processing. Once device events are ingested from thousands (or even millions) of IoT devices, the processing of the data really becomes a Big Data problem to solve, and that’s where the Lambda Architecture comes in.

Planning for web apps