5 Ways ERP for Healthcare Preps Up for Crisis Management

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According to statistics, the healthcare industry is growing at a staggering rate of 16-17% and is expected to swell to the size of USD 132.84 billion by 2022. This has happened due to a mix of factors, one of them being the introduction of ERP software solutions in this sector. ERP for healthcare industry collects important data about patients and companies that purchase medical devices thereby enabling them to provide personalized services. This article throws light on the 5 ways ERP software solutions have helped improve the entire healthcare journey and prepared the healthcare industry for crisis management.

Accessing patient information in a click

ERP for healthcare industry stores patients’ data – health records, insurance claims, etc. This helps doctors to get a 360-degree look at the patients’ healthcare journey. ERP software solution collates data from multiple sources. This provides speedy access to critical data to healthcare professionals required to serve the patient.

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Engage on multiple platforms

ERP for healthcare industry integrates with multiple communication platforms including emails, social media, instant messaging, online forums, apps, live chat, etc. to engage with customers. It enables healthcare professionals to provide real-time answers to patients’ questions. ERP software solution has proved useful in the recent COVD-19 outbreak too by providing timely information to patients on how to curb the spread of the virus.

Personalized healthcare with AI

ERP for healthcare industry supports AI. This creates another ball game altogether because of the following reasons:

  • It charts a training path for healthcare professionals
  • It predicts healthcare issues through patients’ medical history
  • It identifies outbreak hotspots as in the recent COVID-19 pandemic
  • It advises the right response to an inquiry to customer care representatives

Anticipates the need for medical devices

ERP for healthcare industry keeps track of medical equipment and replenishes the inventory when the stock depletes. It also enables the procurement department to place orders for necessary items in advance so that the hospital does not come under undue stress at times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. ERP software solution takes note of the patients’ medical history and shares product requests with the R & D department.

Remove human errors

‘To err is human’ is a famous proverb which means that humans are prone to errors. But even a minute mistake in the healthcare sector can prove to be fatal. ERP for healthcare industry takes care of the following:

  • Checks patient forms to prevent wrongly entered data
  • Eliminates errors due to sloppy handwriting
  • Stores information digitally thereby providing instant access to critical patient data

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is booming. But challenges are also rising exponentially. ERP software solution helps medical institutions, healthcare professionals, and patients to communicate and collaborate. At Sage, we are home to industry-leading ERP software that has built-in functions to help you collect critical patient information in a click, engage with your patients across multiple platforms, and eliminate human errors. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in.

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