Zoho, Zendesk or other?

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Hi all,

I'm searching for a CRM for a company that is currently using excel and email to manage sales. I only need a basic one (no social plug ins, etc), but something that will set reminders for follow ups, and something that will pull contacts and communication from QuickMail, Office 365 emails and Gmail.

It's tricky because communication typically comes from these three email sources, and I want to pull historical conversations into the CRM. Also, the users of the CRM will be newbies, so the more intuitive the better.

It also appears that communication will continue to go thru Gmail/QM/O365, rather than instantly switching to a CRM for communication. So I'd like the conversations to flow into the CRM so they can all be seen.

I think I can use Zapier to integrate Gmail/QM/O365 with the CRM, but I'm not sure if I'm even looking at the best CRMs for these needs. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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