Power BI Insights: Tabular Editor; Dynamic datasets; Report performance; DAX for exponential growth; Tracking Covid-19

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Microsoft Power BI pros share their latest tips on Tabular Editor, creating dynamic datasets, OS and browser impacts on report performance, tracking exponential growth with DAX and making sense of Covid-19 case date.

Leveraging Tabular Editor

Microsoft MVP Matt Allington, writing on the Excelerator BI blog, drew attention to the Tabular Editor open source software project developed by Daniel Otykier. It offers powerful tooling around tabular modeling that was demonstrated during the Microsoft Virtual MVP Summit. Allington explained how to download it from GitHub and enable the new metadata option, targeted toward current March 2020 versions of Power BI Desktop. To get the most out of the program, users need to save Power BI workbooks as Workbook Template files, opening it in Tabular Editor, where they can run script files, take advantage of Advanced Scripting, create multiple measures at the same time or generate time intelligence measures.

While Tabular Editor can handle a wide variety of tasks such as migrating measures in-between workbooks, Allington did caution about a few limitations. For example, it remains limited to only Power BI Template files and XMLA read/write remains in-preview.

The role of dynamic datasets