Five B2B email-marketing strategies to enhance your customer interaction

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For a B2B firm seeking a great customer database and retention, Email marketing can play a crucial role if used smartly. To begin with, when it comes to B2B marketing, E- marketing comes forward as the most professional approach to showcase your products or services to the CEO’s, CFO’s, business managers and other crucial pillars of your target firm. Furthermore, it makes it easier to get CTA from your prospects and consumers, helping you have a better sales efficiency.

However, the mails being sent should maintain a proficient approach to assure an optimal outcome; and as the business grows further, following up and updating the customers manually begins to get tiresome. Nevertheless, a smart CRM software system can work up your entire email marketing easily, by scheduling and automating your emailing process. CRM software allows its user to design various mail templates which can be triggered when certain conditions are met, thus saving you the hassle and time spent over sending repetitive mails. To add more to it, it ensures a uniformity in your E-marketing pattern as well.

Here are the 5 template strategies to gain a winning hand in Email-marketing:

Welcome Email: Whenever someone subscribes to your service, the CRM system can send a welcome mail to the subscriber/customer, which may consist a thank you note along with a brief introduction about your service and other crucial details. This way you can get on to build a strong relationship with your customer right from the day 1.

Notification email: You can send notification regarding any newly published article via email or just the link to the article that may be of interest to your subscriber/customer. This improves your interaction with your customer while bringing in a good traffic to your website or blog.

Video Email: a video email consisting of how-to tips, or a demo on upcoming products can be sent to you consumers, which can give them an impression that the company is concerned about its consumer and thus induce loyalty.

Inactive Email: You can send auto-generated emails to the subscriber who have not logged into their account for a long time. Thus, sharing the concern for your consumer’s lack of activity as well as gaining feedback for any flaw in your system.

Attend an event Email: A B2B business can strengthen their customer relation immensely via events and workshops and the same can be informed to your consumer via Email services. Thereby keeping them updated with all your companies’ activities.

Thus, a CRM software can efficiently manage the Email marketing process of your B2B firm ensuring a gradually increasing customer database and a better customer retention. To know more about efficient Email marketing practice with Sage CRM, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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