SAP reinventing partner synergies

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SAP partner

SAP partner- German software major, SAP is going through a transformation where one of the key elements of the SAP strategy, includes the partners. The company aims to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise to its customers and as a part of this, collaboration with partners is significant. The other component is that, it is moving towards cloud solutions and developing new products.

With this emphasis on the cloud, SAP is now moving into new paradigm with its partner. The company is going aggressive in growth verticals like for telecom, banking and insurance. “We are mobilising our partners to take all the IP that we are developing for the other verticals and reapply it to cloud. It is a call for action for all the partners to package its IP, which they have been acquiring over so many years on premise and then call for SAP to develop this IP for the cloud environment. “We are very aggressively driving this as you will see this year. We have ‘Solution Centres’, in every country- there is one in India, and these solution centres actually help our partners package the IP and build those packaged solutions for cloud in different industries,” says Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer – Global Partner Organisation, SAP.

Moving ahead

SAP has recently launched an initiative called Next Generation Partnering. “That is basically modernising all our partner models to make sure that our partners are equipped with tools and methodologies to be ready for the cloud. It is to make sure that SAP helps the partners to move from an on-premise environment, to an environment where cloud is the key. It been driving this initiative since last year to encourage the partners more and give them more importance,” states Fahrbach.

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Article Credit: CRN