The Ultimate Guide for Website Monetization in 2020

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Any website, regardless of what it does or who its target audience is, can bring in money. That is if you master how to do it right. Getting your site to begin bringing in a profit is not as hard as you may think, with tons of methods you can try. And, given the potential revenue sources, there’s always a way to complement what you are already getting. That said, here are several great ways to monetize your site and make it a real business.

Display Advertisements

Perhaps the quickest and simplest way to begin earning cash on your platform is to assume the role of a publisher. That is display ads on your site and make profits any time a visitor clicks on the ad on your site. This type of earning is called cost-per-click (CPC). Display ads can be presented in different formats, i.e., images, text, GIFs, videos, or audios. When it comes to earning through showing ads, there are two most common options. 

Google AdSense

Google AdSense, a program owned by Google, allows publishers to post ads relevant to their site’s content and visitors and earn cash on a CPC basis. It provides an effortless way for managing display ads, as Google takes care of everything. Your task as the publisher is just to create an account.

Once it is approved, you can insert a couple of lines of code (manually or with the assistance of an app). Google will scan your pages and start showing ads based on what your site provides. The more traffic you continue to drive to your webpages, the more money you can gain through these ads. Google AdSense advantages include:

 No need to not pay to begin with it;

  • It is possible to get $0.02-$2 per click;
  • It doesn’t take much to be eligible;
  • It offers customizable advertising options;
  • You get monthly deposits if earnings reach $100 and above;
  • You can use one AdSense account for multiple websites.

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 Leasing Advertising Space to Advertisers

While Google’s program is one of the ideal options available, it’s not the only method for a blog to get revenue through advertising. Also, it pockets a part of the fees that advertisers pay to post ads on your space.

If you’re focused on earning more from ads, you could go for another option of selling space to advertisers directly. In this case, you can hike the rate with up to fifty percent above what you would get with AdSense. But you will have to look for the advertisers by yourself.

You can charge based on CPM (cost per mille) or fixed price. Since this option pays you for placing ads rather than clicks, you will need to have a good number of monthly visitors to get advertisers to pay. 

More Approaches to Earning Money

Display ads present one sure technique to cash in on a site. However, there are more ways you can turn to for increasing your revenue: 

  •  Sponsored posts. You can post articles associated with particular brands to earn. If, for instance, you have a real estate website Zillow, get paid by featuring a piece about a specific home seller. Sponsored content could take the form of a product/service review or advertorial.
  •  Affiliate links.  Affiliate marketing is another fast way to earn money. Find a product to recommend within an affiliate program, embark on promoting it to subscribers or site visitors, and receive a set commission if they buy it through the affiliate link. 
  • Promote your own digital products. It is possible to create and market your own online product, such as eLearning programs, webinars, graphics, online games, or eBooks. 
  • Turn your site into an online store. Use your website for eCommerce. Find a niche that you love and begin selling products to consumers. 
  •  Set up a job board. You can create a job section within your website and earn a buck every time someone accepts a job you’ve posted.
  • Lock some of your content. If it drives a lot of engagement, you can try content locking. That is, making some of your articles only available after a visitor performs a specific action (makes a payment or watches an ad). 


A website can become a real and sustainable business. And, with so many ways of monetization, site owners maximize their revenue today. Start by incorporating display ads on your website. Then, pick one or two other monetization options mentioned here. As long as you keep growing your traffic, you will always earn something.