Territory Management within Dynamics 365 CRM on Maps – Align territories to balance workload among sales and service reps!

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In our previous, blog we have seen how with the help of creating territories sales managers can distribute workload amongst the sales team. With the distribution of work load every sales person has a clear picture of what prospects they need to chase and what strategy they need to follow to generate maximum sales. This also gives the managers a clear picture of how each sales person is performing.

However, in some cases the sales manager might distribute Dynamics 365 CRM leads to the sales persons unevenly due to imbalance in size of territories. Therefore, one sales person might have to chase more leads than other in order to meet their target. This obviously leads to a lag in performance. In this scenario, with the help of Maplytics, territories can be easily balanced in order to provide equal workload to all the reps.

For instance there is a Sales Manager Becca, she has two territories assigned to the sales reps Jacob and Serena. Serena plots the territories on map to visualize how both the territories are distributed. Upon plotting the territories Becca realizes one territory covers greater region than the other.

To avoid the imbalance in the distribution of workload, Becca decides to balance the territory using alignment tool. With the help of alignment tool Becca moves one region from second territory to first.

After moving the geography one Territory 2 to territory 1 now Becca has balanced territories with which workload is distributed between both the territories evenly.

Therefore, you have seen how with the help of Territory Alignment managers can quickly distribute the workload among the reps evenly. Both Sales and Service teams can leverage this feature of Maplytics to balance workload and create motivation amongst team members.

Let’s delve into the benefits of territory management:

  1. Even work distribution: With the help of territory management teams can distribute the work evenly amongst the team members and weigh their performance. With even work distribution the top performing employees can be sorted out and training program for other reps can be launched.
  2. Territory Alignment: By aligning territories equal opportunities can be created for all the team members to showcase the best of their performance. They can pursue leads and clients of their territories and make the best of their opportunities.
  3. Territory Distribution: With territory distribution all the areas, leads and clients in the client/lead base is covered and maximum benefit is acquired from the business.
  4. High ROI: Since reps are allotted territories evenly, there is a balanced work allotment therefore improving the chance of acquiring clients. Therefore, the overall ROI is high and maximum business is generated.

Thus, you have seen how with the help of territory management you can take your business to another level. In order to acquire maximum leads and clients with the help of Maplytics drop a mail at crm@inogic.com.

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Happy Mapping!