ERP for Business Growth: Myth vs. Reality Debunked

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ERP solutions have been around since years helping organisations streamline complex business operations, all on a single and unified enterprise management platform. The technology has emerged successfully over the years with a staggering number of businesses implementing it to reap its manifold benefits.

However, there are several myths surrounding ERP systems that are hindering lot of companies from adopting ERP freely. This article aims to debunk few prominent or the most common myths hovering around enterprise resource planning systems. Read on to find out.

Myth 1: ERP solutions are expensive, not advisable for SMEs/start-ups and are meant for multi-nationals and industry giants only!

Reality check: Unfortunately, a whooping number of small and medium sized businesses still in ice age are of the opinion that ERP systems are too complex to manage and that they can efficiently operate their businesses without one. Whilst it is quite possible to run a business with spreadsheets and entry-level systems, but entrepreneurs and managers ought to note that this is extremely time-consuming, error-prone and not to forget, costly.

Now debunking this fallacy, today’s advanced ERP solutions are designed keeping in mind the preferences and needs of SMEs and start-ups to help simplify complex business processes, save time and boost productivity, all without bombing their budgets. Yes, with the advancement in technology and surging demands for budget-friendly solutions, ERP solution providers are coming up with highly flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes. Plus, you get many customisation options.

In fact, with ERP system, start-ups and SMEs get that much-needed edge over their competitors. So there’s no reason SMBs and start-ups need to shy away from enterprise resource planning solution.

Myth 2: ERP software is useful only for streamlining business operations


Reality check: ERP solutions help serve your customers by increasing operational excellence thus, assisting a business to offer more customer-centric services. Being able to offer quality services and products helps build strong and long-lasting rapport with customers thus, increasing customer loyalty. Therefore, benefits offered by ERP solutions in India are manifold other than streamlining complex to handle business processes.

Myth 3: ERP implementation takes years to complete!

Reality check: Yes, ERP implementations during the yesteryears used to stretch for years. However, the scenario is completely different today, as now the implementation can happen at lightning speed and at minimal cost, if executed by industry expert ERP solution provider. For an expert ERP vendor, implementing the entire system should not take more than a couple of months before it goes live. Also, note that quick implementation helps fetch faster ROI.

Myth 4: ERP is a do-gooder to CXOs and upper management personnel only!

Reality check: One of the core advantages of having an ERP software is that it automates critical business operations saving great amount of time and troubles for all the stakeholders. This makes it easier for the users of system across all departments. Thus, it is unfair to say that ERP is beneficial for the big guys alone, since the system is useful for every employee in the organisation.

Myth 5: ERP and Lean don’t get together!


Reality check: Today, a number of small manufacturing organisations are embracing lean manufacturing practices to curb costs and boost efficiency. Nevertheless, a few lean consultants are of the opinion that ERP solutions and lean manufacturing do not work together and are incompatible.

This is certainly not the case, because today’s cutting-edge ERP systems are designed meticulously to work in tandem with lean manufacturing practices.


To conclude, we can say that ERP software if implemented properly is capable of rendering a gamut of benefits to a business giving it a competitive edge. An industry expert ERP consultant or vendor is the best source to steer clear all those fallacies surrounding the ERP technology.

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