Sales Reps (Still) Hate CRM. Here’s What to Do About That

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Sales CRM

Sales CRM- Salespeople really love to feed data into their CRM system after a long day, or even during the weekend. They are truly looking forward to their weekly sales call with numbers that every single one of their colleague massaged themselves. They are obsessed with typing all sorts of entries into a quotation and know their product catalogue by heart so that they can provide their customer with the best of all possible quotes to solve their business issue.

Salespeople really appreciate all the high-quality leads that are funneled to them by the system.

And, of course, they are truly altruistic and thrive on helping their customers for good.

Sounds like you?


Well, then you are probably like most of us.

In brief: Salespeople hate their CRM!

This didn’t change almost 40 years after the first electronic CRM tools have been introduced. Users of CRM systems still often do not have the feeling that the systems are serving them, but that it is rather the opposite.

That is especially true for salespeople. But I repeat myself.

Salespeople face a two-pronged challenge. On one side, in an environment that is more and more data-driven, they face an increasing reporting demand, which in turns requires an increasing amount of quality data being fed into the system.

They feel that all these administrative tasks keep them away what they are doing best and what they want to do most: Be with their customers, understand them, and offer – sell – them the right solutions for their challenges.

Thereby making them happy.

On the other hand, salespeople feel that they become more and more redundant.

A feeling that is backed by statistics and surveys showing that more than half of the buying journey is already done before a customer – b2c or b2b – contacts a salesperson.

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Article Credit: Customer Think