3 Ways to Determine the ROI of Your Staffing Technology Investment

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How much time do you save?

One of the most quantifiable and tangible ways to measure success with a marketplace partner is looking at the hours you’ll save. Traditionally, this means automating manual work so that your team can spend more time building relationships, prospecting clients, or making placements. 

Before you demo with such a solution, perform some timed tests to determine how long it takes to perform functions that you could automate with a partner. This will allow you to come into a demo with an exact understanding of how much their solution will impact the specific workflow of your firm.

Of course, many other types of marketplace partners can help you save time, too. This might mean outsourcing a function like marketing or it could mean that you improve your ramp-up time during onboarding—the majority of staffing professionals say it takes more than a month until a new hire is effective. Whatever your goal, take note of how much time you allocate currently, and how much time you can save.