How will ERP help in Maximizing the Inventory Distribution Process?

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Inventory Distribution Process is the back bone of any business industry and in today’s business world “Inventory Distribution” is one of the major problems that most of the companies are facing. Important elements of Inventory Distribution Process like tracking inventory level, Order, Sale, Deliveries, and Customer support etc. are still carried on with the help of paper and manual updating on excel and spreadsheets.

Better management of Inventory Distribution Process helps in maintaining customer loyalty and gaining more customers. Hence, it is important to have a single and focused view of all the inventory at one glance to take strategic decisions even on the move. To help with this, many companies use a modern and focused Enterprise Resource Planning solutions commonly known as ERP.

An ERP for Inventory Distribution process helps the company to maximize its inventory distribution to the maximum. ERP for Trading and Distribution with its full assimilation indulge businesses with a single window of information for all elevations of the inventory distribution process, which allows a convenient point of access and reports and visual displays.

Sage ERP Solutions from Sage Software Solutions help in end to end inventory management with top of the class features which help tracking, invoicing and customer service in just few clicks.

Key Features of Inventory Distribution Management:

Inventory Management: Successful Inventory Management means creating a purchase plan that will certify that the items are available when they are needed. It also keeps an eye on product overstock and outages.

Sale Order Management: Cut down order time and minimize costs by enhancing the way you send quotations, accept, enter, and fill orders. It sets the rules for managing complexities such as multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, drop shipments etc.

Purchase Order Management:Reduce purchase costs and ensure a regular supply of materials by optimizing and automating purchase process by ERP for Inventory Distribution management

Inventory Lot & Serial NoSage 300 ERP helps in tracking the items via its barcode lot no & Serial No. which helps in keeping a record of various items. It also helps in maintaining stock level and avoiding stock surplus and shortages.

Warranty Tracking: There are Various Products which are sold with a warranty. These warranties are important to maintain along with the detail to whom it is granted. Warranty Management feature of Sage 300 ERP can be used to maintain records of all the warranties for any product to capture the company specific warranty criteria. It is done on item which has either serial or lot number allocated.


Multiple valuation methods: Sage 300 ERP maintains inventory using standard cost, moving average, FIFO, LIFO and item specific methods. Select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using reports which can be customized and generated with Sage 300.

Inventory location: Create a physical and logical warehouse structure using inventory bins and location controls. For each warehouse location, specify the types of items and transactions that are allowed, the picking priority, and the cost of the items.


Inventory transfers: Track goods in transit while transferring inventory between locations. Information is kept in a Goods in Transit GL account in Sage 300, Inventory Management Module.


Quantity Reorder – Sage 300 ERP has a very useful feature wherein you can maintain minimum and reorder levels for an item. It is helpful for taking repeat orders from customers and allocating and committing them delivery dates as per the stock availability.


Complete and accurate information history – Sage 300 ERP maintains the historical data which provides a clear visibility to all the information in real time.


Business Intelligence – The Business Intelligence reporting tool in Sage 300 enables the Company to design its desired reports in a format and way the Management wants to view. To know more about how can ERP for Inventory Management help you, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to


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