IT Solutions for Online Grocery – A booming market in India

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With technology now being an integral part of our lives, we see that it has also opened up new avenues and models of business. No industry, not even food is now untouched by technology. In this 21st century, as the growing demand of Retail Grocery rises, there is a need to meet the demand and also work at optimum. The modern grocers today are opting for IT Solutions for Online Grocery, a business format which is very unique in nature.

Since grocery is a very perishable item, the retailers must constantly be on their feet for managing sales, operations and back end together so that the inventory does not get wasted and the company does not bear losses. The grocers may also look forward for the ease of each and every operation they perform with a user friendly but integrated and automated system.

Sage 300cloud can act as a best suitable ERP IT solution for Online Grocery industry by over-coming all the major challenges faced in this business in an infinite margin. Features that Sage 300cloud will provide for maximized profitability by keeping investment at the predetermined level are as follows:

Increasing Profit and reducing loss by tracking the Stock.

As Sage 300cloud is a modular ERP software, which helps tracking of items in inventory separately or storage items efficiently with a clearer picture by controlling the inward flow of items in excess.

This activity will always result for orders in proportion for demanded products as consumer spend on healthy choices and concentrating on the consumer choice surely can make a big difference over the P&L.    


Controlling the Spoilage by Notification feature.

If the goods are perishable and will go off in a day or in weeks, one can actually set a warning for an item where the goods ones in the inventory or storage must be moved to the stores for sale after the predetermined time this will help controlling the spoilage of perishable item in stock.

FIFO & LIFO costing methods in Sage 300cloud will also add in to help the spoilage and maintain the supply chain healthy.

Item Barcode Creation and its labelling.

Barcode scanning is the technology which has rapidly adopted by the Grocery shops, Sage 300cloud, IT solutions for Online Grocery firms has the ability to create the scan labels for the items to be sold in the grocery shop. Hence at the billing counter the most time consuming data entry work is eliminated by scanning process, where the item pricing is punched in the system by integrating it with the bar-code scanning system.

Then printing their own labels with a discounted price helps to attract consumer’s to their Grocery shops.


Return Material management.

Often when the goods are damaged or consumer is dis-satisfied, one can always have a track of this by using Return Material module in Sage 300cloud.

This will record the cons for the business and because of the record tracking, management will be able to avoid such returns in near future.

Season-wise Item Storage for multicultural Consumers.

Grocers can actually run their business with high profit margins by storing the goods or items seasonally as per the demand of the super customer also known as multicultural consumer. Using Sage 300cloud, grocers can have a real time view on operation they carried out yearly and accordingly plan the same for next financial year. Since the items are perishable in nature, the firm needs to have a view on their inventory.

Demand For E-commerce Grocers.

As we all know the need for online shopping has boomed all over the market in very small time span this demand for online Grocers which has increased the competency at a different level.

Now the question is,” how to feed the Ecommerce data activity into the selected ERP solution”. As Sage 300cloud is extensible and flexible, it is possible to root the data into the system by integrating the Ecommerce web and the system reliably.

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