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Plastic Industry is one of the prime Industries in the world. Since plastic is needed in nearly all industries and products from packaging to processes, it is one of the very important industry in the world. A plastic firm normally manufactures polymer materials and caters to several industries like automobiles, consumer packaging, electronics etc. Over the past few years the demand and Supply of plastics in several industries has increased tremendously. To cover and manage the rising demand, daily requirement, production, Inventory and supply of plastics / polymers.

Sage 300cloud, ERP for Plastic Industry facilitates the plastics firms to manage their operational as well as financial activities such as daily or monthly requirement, procurement, production & planning, quality control, daily or monthly dispatch, cash flow, fund flow, outstanding ageing of payment and receipts. With the help of Sage 300cloud for Plastic Industry, the management can plan for the whole payment and invoicing at one click and can be prepared in advance for the upcoming hurdle. Sage 300cloud, ERP for Plastic Industry offers following modules for the growth of plastics industries to manage their daily operational activities and financial condition.

Sales & Distribution Module: Sage 300cloud sales module comprises contract management and sales order processing management. Plastic Industries can analyze and improve their sales and services by using this module. With the help of this module, the organization can plan for their production and procurement as per the schedule of delivery date of the customers and deliver their products on time to customer/s. With the help of Order Tracking, Sales Analysis, the organization can take the appropriate action to improve their productivity.

Production & Planning Module: Sage 300 ERP’s planning modules helps for planning procurement and manufacturing of raw materials and finish goods respectively with respective reference of sales order and BOM (Bill of Material) and routing of the product/s by running MRP. Planning modules avoid manual error and give accurate computation of daily/weekly/monthly procurement and production as well. With the help of production module of Sage 300, ERP for Plastic Industry, organizations can get their daily / weekly / monthly production details such daily production, pending production, at which stage production done and pending, rejection, etc.

Procurement Module: Sage 300cloud procurement module helps to manage procurement of material on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Through this module organization can control over procurement on values by vendor contract pricing and authorization as well. Order tracking is also helps the organization for their further action.

Inventory Module: In Sage 300cloud, inventory can be managed and maintained location/ branch / warehouse wise. Inventory valuation / costing can be done on the basis of Moving Average, FIFO, LIFO, Standard, Most Recent and User specified. For each material minimum and maximum level can be defined location / period wise. Through inventory module any one can know the exact position of stock. Apart from this stock adjustment, inventory ageing reports are available in Sage 300, ERP for Plastic Industry and through inventory module branch / location / warehouse transfer can be done.

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Finance Module: Sage 300 ERP’s finance module is very comfortable to use and completely integrated with operational modules. If the operational transaction is done, then its finance batches auto generate, system taking care it’s all effects as per the defined control in the Sage 300 ERP system. Apart from this, the cash flow, fund flow, outstanding ageing can be easily access in single click. Budget can also be maintained account wise in Sage 300, ERP for Plastic Industry, so that management can manage / compare the revenue of the organization.

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