In any business it is necessary to keep a track of all the transactions to ultimately know the profits and losses for your business. To do so, all businesses have some form of enterprise solution in their company. Some use excel, while some have a customized ERP in place. But slowly with and expansion, these companies outgrow the need of their present systems. Sage 300 ERP solution is well known ERP, which manages all critical business functions in any kind of business.

Like in any industry, ERP can be best solution to Furniture industry also. All the companies and activities that involved in the design, manufacture, distribution, and sale of functional and decorative objects of household equipment are comes under the Furniture industry. Sage 300cloud ERP for furniture industry is useful for small as well as large furniture industries. Furniture industry is present worldwide and have unique requirements of ERPs. The ERP for furniture industry would be required to keep a track of all the customers and their details, raw materials, final goods, services, vendors & their details and other charges etc.

Furniture have a wide variety of dimensions, colors, finishes, fabrics and product options. These are placing an increased demands on the information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required in the business. Sage ERP for Furniture Industry is helpful in keeping track of all kind of furniture inventory like manufacturing of office furniture, case goods, seating, commercial, upholstered and specialty furniture, irrespective of their raw material.

Sage 300cloud helps the Furniture industry to give a quick response for any situation & product recalls. The package options provided to the customer is best as per their requirement. This ERP for furniture Industry is helpful to maintain the list of all and unused used raw materials, how many products are developed and sold, the details of customer and vendors, total amount expended an earned etc. it’s beneficial  to improve the profit by cutting the unnecessary expended and also by getting the new opportunity. The modules like Inventory control which help to store all the data of the items and Sales or Purchase module which store all the in and out of business.

Benefits of ERP for Furniture Industry


  1. As time changes new functionality gets added to business, the same way Sage ERP Solutions are easily scalable. Because of this, you can add new functionality, processes, departments, and more into the ERP very easily.
  2. You can have several reports in ERP which give you the list of all the transaction in your business.
  3. You can take better business decisions with the ERP on the go from any device, any place and any time.
  4. It helps you to lower the cost and increase the profits as when all your processes are streamlined, you can identify the leakages happening in the system. ERP also helps you to improve procurement, inventory, and demand forecasting, etc., essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.

Download ERP : The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Sage 300cloud also provides the summary & detail wise data. You can also get into custom reports as per the companies requirements. To know more about Sage ERP for Furniture Industry and which solution suits you the best, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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