CRM for a small, busy I.T (ish) business

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Hi all 🙂

For the past few years I've been casually looking for a better way to track our customers and the services they have with us. I've never come across anything that does the sort of thing we'd need, but never thought to ask on here!
We are a small company with around 10 employees. We probably have around a few thousand active customers.

We supply business machines to other business, so things like Epos Systems, Cash Registers, Credit Card machines etc.

At the moment, a lot of our record keeping is done on pen and paper, folders and folders etc.

I'm looking for some sort of CRM system which will allow us to record: all customer information, what system they have, when they bought it, what cover/support package do they have, when does the support expire? Have they been offered support?

Things like that.

Does anyone know of anything that could come close to that?

Thanks 🙂

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