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Wondering if any fine folks over here could recommend a CRM for a friend of mine, here’s what they are looking for, doesn’t have to check all boxes but something near would be excellent.

I’m looking for a CRM that allows me to bring a lead into the system and move it laterally – to match the movement of the business. The system has to allow me to easily customize all the lead stages (and to add new stages as my business changes and evolves).

As the lead is moved between stages, I want automations or workflows to send emails to that lead and the referral partners associated with the lead and task me for follow ups. Also, after the real estate purchase or refinance, I want the system to start a drip 6 months prior to the renewal date. Birthday emails, all the standard stuff. I need to be able to customize all the fields of data that I’m keeping on the client.

I want to be able to flip leads between agents and I want to be able to task other agents/admin within the system. We are overusing email on our team and things are being missed. We need a list of tasks that need be cleaned out each day by 5pm – not 100s of emails and cc’s.

Currently – as leads move through the mortgage process – I send emails to them. I want all of this tracked and tied to the lead, not just an outlook/gmail account with folders. I save email signatures and manually work each file through the whole process right now.

I would like a CRM that has a good texting app (hubspot does not at this stage – but you can integrate texting apps).

I want the “email” piece of the CRM to be like mailchimp. Nice to look at, super easy to use.

I’d like the CRM to integrate my email (gsuite) and online calendar booking. It would be nice if it would integrate multiple calendars (for more than one agent).

I’d like the CRM to be very user friendly, I don’t want to code.

Thinks I like about the paid hubspot:

Calendar BombBomb type email thing – where you can track email and send unique videos in the emails. Very user friendly – super easy to change fields and customize Email app seems great

I REALLY struggled with salesforce and didn’t find it intuitive. Also – the email platform was terrible and the formatting looked awful.

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