How SMBs Can Improve Customer Experience

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With 84% of customers claiming that a company’s experience is just as important as its products and services, a business’s survival is dependent on its ability to provide optimal customer experiences. This is good news for small and midsize businesses, which can often deliver more tailored services because they don’t have to jump through as many administrative hoops as large corporations.  

But the bad news is that SMBs are falling short in capitalizing on technology and customer data. They think notepads and sticky notes are sufficient for keeping up with contacts. However, with consumer expectations at an all-time high, forgetting previous conversations with clients or losing track of touchpoints can spell disaster for your organization. 

That’s where CRM comes in. CRM software helps businesses of all sizes track customer relationships and sales activities to deliver personalized and consistent experiences. With CRM allowing you to improve customer interactions, your small business will be unstoppable.  

CRM Quick Tips 

  • Did you know that sales professionals spend only 35% of their time actively selling to customers? Most of their day is dedicated to administrative duties. With CRM automating processes such as lead scoring and follow-up reminders, sales reps can spend time cultivating strong relationships.   
  • Most CRM solutions give users mobile access, allowing sales teams to view critical data and perform essential duties while they’re remote or visiting prospects. This helps your business deliver personalized experiences on the go.  
  • Both B2C and B2B consumers expect consistent communication across multiple channels. CRM tracks and manages omnichannel interactions, so you can improve lead nurturing by providing relevant messaging and timely engagement across emails, social media and everywhere else. 
  • KPI monitoring, reporting and AI deliver a wealth of insights to sales repsArmed with digestible analytics, users can see which deals are most likely to close, address customer churn, build buyer personas and perform other activities that will enhance the customer experience.  
  • Over half of CRM buyers still use manual methods and spreadsheets to manage customer relationships. That means information is probably entered incorrectly and inconsistently and dispersed across the enterprise. This makes it nearly impossible to maintain an up-to-date, cohesive view of each contact. CRM records information in a single place, simplifying access to vital insights.  
  • Integrating CRM with back-office systems such as ERP offers even deeper insights and efficiency to optimize customer experiences. Sales reps can instantly view complete order histories, order statuses, pricing and more to quickly serve clients and streamline processes.  

Wrap Up 

CRM gives you the data and automation to forge stronger customer relationships. CRM vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce develop cutting-edge features and intuitive interfaces to enable sales teams from both small and large businesses to give customers the experiences they want. 

Datix has been a CRM consulting firm for over 20 years. A certified partner of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, we can help you select the right CRM solution for your company. We also provide user training, customization and a range of other services designed to align your software to your manufacturing needs. With Unity, we can integrate CRM with Epicor ERP to drive greater efficiency.  

Make sure your customer experiences are up to par. Contact Datix to learn more about our CRM services and solutions!