Waste management industry is a very unique industry which helps clean the environment from waste & has a direct benefit for human health by removing harmful particles from waste water which include physical, chemical, biological process to keep the environment free from any harmful waste. But even for this industry, management is of utmost important.

Let us see Sage 300, ERP for waste management firm will help the waste management industry to maintain their financial and operational records up to the mark.

Let’s see some points as mention below which will show us how Sage 300 as an ERP for waste management firms is beneficial for this type of industry.

  • With the help of Sage 300, we can monitor & control income and expenses of the waste – dry and wet treatment projects.
  • Sage 300 provide us with a useful feature called as “Budget Maintenance” which helps us to set a budget for the projects so we that we can keep a track on monthly basis whether we stand financially compare the budget with previous year also so we can track whether this year we spend more or less amount on the projects.
  • We can keep an eye on all the administrative expenses project wise with the help of optional field, which while doing the Invoices we can set the optional field with project codes so that it will be easy to check what all expenses are spent on a particular project.
  • With the help of financial report in the ERP for Waste Management Firms, we can track multiple project income & expenses with just a single click wherein we can prepare the report on monthly, quarterly half-yearly along with their project codes.
  • Whether we are manufacturers, retailers or wholesalers maintaining inventory & controlling its cost, ensuring the smooth functioning of business is a challenging task for any organization. But Sage 300, ERP for waste management firms makes it easy for any business.
  1. Sage 300 provide us real time information on current stocks & it helps organization to pre plan further activity accordingly
  2. With the help of Sage 300 we can maintain stock location wise (Warehouse)
  3. Sage 300 is very much flexible for serialized inventory & even we can use barcode system for inventory tracking.
  4. Sage 300 not only helps us to maintain inventory but also keep us updated with the cost of items.
  5. Even we can prepare comparative charts to compare the material with multiple vendors.
  • Assets are backbone of any industries. Managing assets is a key area of any ERP system you can maintain data right from procurement to disbursement of asset under one roof. You can have report like asset register which provides vital data on asset life cycle like when you have acquired the asset, cost of the asset, Depreciation of asset, disbursement cost of asset etc.

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