Quick Rundown of Epicor Mobile Warehouse

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Maintaining an efficient warehouse is tough when employees must manually enter data, struggle to locate inventory or complete time-consuming paperwork. Warehouse productivity is even tougher when managers are forced to spend more time at their desktops than working beside their team.  

With a mobile warehouse solution, data is instantly scanned from barcodes and tags, so you can get work done and easily locate information without manual data entry, paperwork or desktops. This results in greater collaboration, accuracy and insight into warehouse activities.  

Epicor Mobile Warehouse is a new generation handheld application fully integrated with Epicor ERP. The solution replaces Epicor Handheld, providing a sleeker interface, updated technology and expanded functionality. We’re giving you a quick rundown of the Epicor Mobile Warehouse to show you how it can optimize your warehouse performance.  

Features and Functionality  

  • Epicor Mobile Warehouse is compatible with the latest scanning devices and available for Android. Android users will capture information through cameras instead of laser scanners.  
  • With extensive functionality in the palm of your hand, warehouse efficiency will be dramatically increased. Process outbound shipments, check inventory levels, create receiving labels, track orders and perform other mission critical tasks right from the device.  
  • Configuration settings allow you to tailor the app’s behavior and process flow to your organization.  
  • Information collected in Epicor Mobile Warehouse is instantly updated in Epicor ERP to improve precision and productivity. You can even take pictures or provide signatures in the mobile solution and have them transferred into the ERP.  
  • The user interface consists of a personalized favorites menu, intuitive search features and drill-down capabilities to deliver a robust user experience.  
  • Epicor Mobile Warehouse gives employees effective serial and lot processing as well as multiple UOM scanning.  
  • Users will have access to critical information at their fingertips. For example, you can search for all open POs for a part by scanning the part’s barcode. Additionally, the part tracker will show you a picture of the part, stock quantities, its location and more.  
  • The system can automatically allocate all material queue transactions related to an order or users’ name to help your warehouse workers efficiently manage material queues.  

Wrap Up  

With Epicor Mobile Warehouse, you can optimize workflows, minimize errors and accelerate processes. An Epicor Gold PartnerDatix has helped clients successfully adopt Epicor Mobile Warehouse in line with their business needs. From start to finish, Datix deliver scalable solutions and reliable services to discrete manufacturers. 

To learn more about Epicor Mobile Warehouse, reach out to one of the ERP experts at Datix today!