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I didn’t want to clog this sub with yet another request, so I’ve searched here and in other subs, and I think I’ve read all ‘recommendation request’ comments. I have an Excel doc with 45+ entries and pros/cons details. But I’m at a loss and this is my surrender flag. Please help.

At this point I’ve whittled my requirements down to this must-have list:

QuickBooks Desktop integration (huge sticking point)

Quoting, Invoicing (including recurring invoices for service contracts, another tough one)

Automated emails to customers (e.g., late invoice notices, f/u on quotes)

Good customer database geared toward companies with multiple contacts (inc. correspondence)

>$150 for two users

That’s pretty much it. We have techs in the field but a CRM geared toward field-service isn’t necessary.


Jobber (no QB Desktop integration)

TigerPaw (customer service nightmare)

Kickserv (no automated billing emails, etc)

Currently test-driving, feedback appreciated:

mHelp Desk


BTW, I think I saw a website for a guy who sells API code to integrate QBD to CRMs that don’t normally support it, for about $200. Kicking myself for not saving the link. Anyone know about that?

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