10 Powerful Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Building an effective email marketing campaign will make you reach the place where your customers are visiting daily. That place is “mail inbox.” According to the estimated report, there will be 255 million email users in the U.S by 2020. Think about how much email marketing technique is beneficial to you for generating new leads. 

Whether it is a small business website or an online shop, email is a great way to keep old customers. By avoiding this technique, you are losing many opportunities of converting your new website visitors into loyal customers. Learn the ten powerful email marketing tips for small businesses in this blog.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

To get started with the email marketing campaign, building a quality email list that drives more customers to the business is important. Also, it takes time to grow your email list strong but by following the below 10 tips you can achieve it early.

Build an appealing and easy sign-up form

  • When you are using emails for marketing your business, a signup form must be included in your site. Attach the signup form of your website’s homepage, Facebook page, blog, and all the other places of a site where customers are likely to visit. You can collect their name, birthday dates to offer special discounts, or invite them to join groups.
  • Whether you plan to send company updates, deals, blog tips, or e-commerce sale discounts it’s essential to meet your reader’s expectations. Try to provide your subscribers as much detail possible from the signup form only. This way they can decide their interest in your products/services.

Segment the email list 

  • When your email list starts growing, segment it according to its marketing requirements. As you are having a different and unique purpose for each of your clients to send emails.
  • For example, the marketing mail that is sent to an 80-year-old man can’t be the same for an 18-year-old teen. So segment the list according to your customer’s age, gender, location preferences, and purchases made by them previously.

Design new email templates 

  • Create appealing visual email templates by adding your business logo in it. Make a great look and feel of these templates and spread the brand name on your customer list. Stay consistent in sending these email templates so that your readers become more familiar with the site from the beginning.
  • Almost 41% of the email open rate occurs on a mobile device. You may test your mail template design for newsletters, promotional, or festive invitations. At this time you can also check the mobile-friendliness quality of these templates. Otherwise, you may get a fall in your email campaign from the beginning only.   

Try to build emails that are easy to read

  • You must stick to the user experience theme. This means try to avoid adding large text data in it. Build your email’s content structure in a way that is easy for scanning by your customers.
  • As your clients are busy people, so give them a summary of the content idea with subheadings and images. This way your emails are getting a chance to stand apart from other emails in the client’s list.

Create a stunning subject line

  • Creating a stunning and catchy subject line is the most important part of the email. It happens in many cases that the subject line of your email decides its open rate.
  • To build an interesting and engaging subject line is not an easy task. You can go for A/B Testing method after developing a good number of ideas on subject line texts. So, try to generate them in a unique way that makes the recipient think about their own loss by not opening an email.

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Add social media links

  • When users are subscribing to your website, it indirectly shows their interest in your content. Right? As everyone knows that social media is a great source for gathering more information about the website products and services.
  • Include social media links in the emails that update your subscribers more about the products and services of the site. Sometimes your subscribers are not aware of your social media presence. So, this way you can develop your brand trust among them.

Encourage personalization 

  • Keep the email style friendly that impacts positively on your subscribers. As such email is a personal communication way, so the recipient expects the human tone in it. You can address with the first name of your subscribers.
  • When you are developing an informal correspondence, it drives a strong and prosperous relationship with your subscribers.

Stay consistent to your editorial calendar

  • Schedule your calendar for sending the newsletters or event deals on the appropriate time to the subscriber’s mail list.
  • Add the time of creating and designing the email template to plan in advance for all the events. As such your subscribers are likely to forget about you if they don’t get your company emails from time to time.

 Test, analyze, and optimize

  • Try to test your emails on different screen sizes and browsers before sending them to your subscriber list. As there occur delays in sending emails, so to avoid sending something inappropriate a testing phase is required before.
  • The four main things to analyze for your email campaign are open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and user action rates. You can try all the email patterns that have a positive and negative effect on your users. If it is found that a particular mail gives a high unsubscription rate then change it immediately.

Wrapping Up

Every email possesses a definitive purpose that can attract your customers to the website. Design your email templates in a way that increases website traffic, drive more sales rate, and build more social engagement from it. Thus email marketing is the best way to keep your customers informed and engaged on your website. But sometimes it becomes hard when you are not able to find the correct email addresses of your customers.