You’ve Probably Never Heard of Robotic Process Automation, but …

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It’s a kind of software designed to make repetitive work value-driven and complex


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation-It’s hardly news that digital technology is reshaping the way we think, work and live, as  companies large and small try to get any edge they can over the competition through increased efficiency and reduced labor costs. Emerging from within the world of automation technology is a form of software known as robotic process automation or RPA.

RPA can be installed on most digitally connected devices, including your laptop, desktop, or tablet. The software itself can stand alone on a single device or function on top of an organization’s entire cloud environment. It doesn’t replace the applications you’re currently using; it works alongside your existing business processes.

This automation software functions in the form of “bots.” These are not physical robots or tiny spies within your computer. Instead, they are automated applications that run scripts through the internet.

RPA bots watch how humans complete digital tasks, and once they have adapted, the bots can replicate that task. Think of these bots as the antibodies of your immune system; they adapt until they are able to complete their function, and then go out en masse and get the job done. Once an RPA bot understands how to best complete a task, it can be copied over and over to function at scale within an organization. This process is called cloning.

Unlike antibodies, however, that are static and cannot adapt to new conditions, RPA bots are intelligent, meaning they will continue to learn and alter their processes, improving functionality over time.

The goal of RPA is to reduce the amount of human intervention necessary to efficiently execute repetitively structured tasks. Essentially, RPA automates tasks that we humans aren’t keen on doing. Tasks like data transfer can require days or even weeks of mundane hours, simply to move information from one platform to another. This type of work is easily automated with RPA, saving the employee and company time in the long run.

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