Automation and AI trends for 2020

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Automation and AI

Automation and AI-AI and automation are two levers of digital transformation that are helping enterprises reimagine work and the larger workplace. Here are some trends that could sustain their momentum as we step into 2020.

Hyper-automation: Hyper-automation(HA) is gaining momentum as a key technology trend for 2020. It brings the totality of an organization’s automation effort under a single umbrella. HA is not just about automating tasks – it’s much bigger. It’s about seamless integration between systems. With HA, organizations can automate most of core business areas and involve everyone in the transformation.

Starting with RPA (at the core), it adds AI, process mining, ML and other tools to expand its capability. It also creates a digital twin of an organization (DTO) that becomes an integral part of the HA process and the organization. As a result, HA unlocks maximum efficiencies for organizations and that’s why it commands such attention.

Quantum computing and AI: Quantum computing is essentially harnessing and exploiting the laws of quantum mechanics to process information. The ability to store information in quantum bits simultaneously (both 0 and 1) unlike 0s or 1s discretely, and having the innate ability process massive amounts of data provides new avenues and opportunities for AI.

For example, a quantum computer could help develop virtual assistants with true contextual awareness and near human-like understanding for customers. Though this technology is still in a nascent stage, AI and quantum computing are likely to emerge as two sides of the same coin with the potential to accelerate the most complex transactions.

Digital workforce: Welcome the future of work! Digital workers! At its core, they are creation of disconnected automation tools – each one of whom has incredible potential to augment human efforts. We are already seeing this in action with RPA, AI and ML. These technologies create digital personas who “think” and “analyze” like humans, and have the capability to execute actions with speed and accuracy 24/7.

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