Will Millennials Like the CRM System at Your Company?

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Millennials have grown up in a world of technology. Because of this, they are accustomed to quick access to information and the convenience of electronically performing tasks. Companies that choose not to update to a modern CRM software system risk their Millennial employees becoming frustrated and impatient with slow, cumbersome, and inconvenient outdated systems.

Here is a brief overview of just a few of the reasons why Millennials prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Productivity Anywhere

Microsoft Dynamics allows employees to access current data and information anywhere, at any time. This enables employees to stay fully connected and continue productivity on-the-go.

Integration and Automation

Microsoft Dynamics eliminates the need for employees to switch between multiple business applications to access data and perform tasks. It combines financials, sales, service, and operations into one, unified platform. Workers can easily access the information they need and perform necessary tasks with greater ease.

Data Mastery

As mentioned earlier, Millennials are accustomed to having immediate access to information. Microsoft Dynamics provides this in the company by centralizing all data into one platform, and delivering consistent information across the organization.


Having grown up in a world of social media, Millennials are used to collaborating quickly and easily with others. Microsoft Dynamics allows for this in the workplace, providing a platform where employees and teams can communicate, share ideas, dashboards, and projects.


Microsoft Dynamics is built with layered security, preventing the disclosure of

sensitive information. This allows for employees to work wherever and whenever with peace of mind.

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