Azure Insights: Locks; Application security groups; Serverless to containers; Accessing property values

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Microsoft Azure pros offered new insights on Azure Locks, setting up application security groups with PowerShell, moving from serverless to containers, and more.

Locks to prevent accidental deletion

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer delved into Azure Governance, paying close attention to Locks, which help prevent accidental deletion of resources—or unwanted changes. Traditionally, organizations needed to assign a cloud custodian team to control deployments and changes. However, Azure Resource Manager has added new tools like Locks, Management Groups, Policies, Blueprints and Cost Management. CanNotDelete and ReadOnly are two of the main lock options and Locks can only be applied by users with Owner or User AccessAdministrator roles.

In his blog, Maurer demoed how to lock a resource group using portal, CLI, PowerShell, Resource Manager templates or REST APIs, by navigating to settings blades in the resource group and clicking on Locks.

Assigning application security groups using PowerShell