AR Posting Journals Report in Sage 300 – II

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In our previous blog, we had discussed about AP Posting Journal report. Going further, in this blog post we will discuss about AR Posting Journal report under AR Transaction reports from Sage 300.

This report contains a detailed record of the general ledger summary details which arises from the invoices, Receipt, Adjustment, Refund, Revaluation, Provisional revaluations under Accounts Receivable module.

The advantage of this report is that, it is very useful report to trace the AR transactions effects into GL accounts along with credit & debit amount. Only the posted batches will be displayed in this report.

In AR posting journal report, you can also sort the transactions by batch / entry no, customer number, receipt date & check number as per user requirement. You can print only one transaction at a time like invoices, Receipt, Adjustment, Refund, Revaluation, Provisional revaluations etc.

You can print the posting Journals for the various transaction types available in the respective AR modules. Once AR transactions batches are posted, you need to run Day End Processing before printing this report. There are multiple selections in UI. User needs to select at least one type of transaction while printing report & one type of sorting based on which, the user wants to sort the report. You can also print the job details, optional fields which added into AR transactions and GL detail reference / description if any.

You can also print the report by posting sequence number range. You need to sure that you tick on the option “Reprinted Previous Printed Journals” if you want to print the duplicate copies which has already printed.

This report can be sorted by batch / entry number & all posted receipts effects into GL module are displayed in the report along with the document number. Also, the accounts details along with credit & debit amount & total amount of customer will be displayed as per batch entry.

In posting journal report you can also see the credit & debit amounts in source as well as in the functional currency. If you use multicurrency accounting then the posting journal report displays some additional information like currency, exchange rate, transaction total in source & functional currency etc.

User needs to print posting journals after each posting run, then file them with other audit trail records. This report is beneficial to those who require the batch wise record which affects the GL module with particular GL account. This report are useful in case of multicurrency ledger to view the exchange rates, currency for multiple customers.

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