7 Cyber Security Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2020 as a Small Business Owner

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Cybersecurity is ever-evolving, but it is not wholly unpredictable. Here are some trends to keep your eye on in 2020, especially if you are a small business owner.

According to some reports, the reality of hackers is much more prevalent than the average person realizes. These reports indicate that in 2016, a Hacker attack was initiated every 14 seconds, and this could increase to one attack every 11 seconds by 2021. This means that professional IT solutions for businesses are essential.

Let’s look at the cybersecurity trends in 2020, so you and your business can be prepared:

Spending will be driven by Privacy and Protection Acts

Privacy regulations (such as the General Data Protection Regulation), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other similar acts and regulations inspire government agencies and businesses to upgrade their security infrastructure. Most companies and agencies have already begun budgeting for more advanced cybersecurity measures.

Increased Attention to Cybersecurity Skills

Cybersecurity is a continuously evolving aspect of the online world. Hackers are not looking to halt anytime soon, and businesses want to keep their doors open, but with adequate protection. Because the average person does not know much about the intricate nature of cybersecurity, reinforcements will be needed. Jobs will begin to open up, and professionals with IT and cybersecurity skills will be in demand.

New Approach to Cloud Security

How safe is cloud security? Cloud applications may be handy, but they are not always as secure as you would prefer to believe. SaaS applications such as these are still susceptible to malicious attacks, phishing, and other attacks. Previously, most people assumed their data was safe in cloud applications, but in 2020, we suspect people will begin to be more wary of cloud applications.

Integration and Automation Solutions

Many applications require the use of a few different web services, and if they maintain their current course, look set to increase in 2020. This makes them challenging to secure with absolution, and therefore we may begin seeing an increased dependency on automation and integration solutions.

Increased Threats for Mobile Devices

In 2020 it seems as if mobile devices will become a more prominent target in cybercrime. This comes as no surprise since the number of mobile device users increases so does the amount of sensitive data coursing through these devices. Mobile devices could be the number 1 target for cyberattacks in 2020.

Cyber Warfare

One of the significant cybersecurity trends in 2020 will be state-sponsored cyberattacks. Wait; what? State-sponsored? Rogue individuals will act out to steal political secrets, launch DDoS attacks, find out industrial secrets, and use the stolen information to sway global public opinion.

Election Security

Because 2020 is an election year, cybersecurity-related to the elections will be anticipated in 2020. Unfortunately, we can expect disinformation schemes and campaigns as respected professionals degrade to behaviour that should not be used to win an election. It is disgraceful, but in 2020 we are most likely going to be seeing malicious activities sponsored by the inspiring men and women leading the American nation.

Whether you are a small business or a hefty player in the corporate world, you could be at risk. Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of any business.