Our CRM Software Development Process Makes all the Difference

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Business Process Automation (BPA) has introduced a whole new level of efficiency for small business.

But your business is unique to you – which means that streamlining, optimizing, and driving efficiency looks different than it would for your competitors. For this very reason, P2 Automation works to deliver affordable, turn-key processes and business productivity solutions that provide you with a customized system designed for your needs.

How do we do it? It’s all about the software development process.

Software Development Process


We perform an in-depth analysis to better understand your business process. From there, we learn about how you want your company to operate today, tomorrow, and into the future.


In the most important stage of the process, we create mock-ups of the entry screens and workflow activity for your entire BPA system. Then, we provide you with a printed version of the solution before we write a single line of code. Remember, a solid design should always lead to a better system that reduces costly change orders – and this is how we ensure that your new system is nothing short of exemplary.


Our years of experience come into play as we follow our tested, trusted, and proven process to create a solid BPA solution.


Once we test the system alongside your in-house team for functionality, we implement it into your workflow.

Maintenance & Support

Every step of the way, you can count on our team to provide comprehensive maintenance and support throughout the lifecycle of your product. We’re in it for the long haul…just like you.

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