How ERP Solves Quality Management Challenges

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For manufacturers, quality management has never been more important—or complicated. 92 percent of manufacturers claim product quality defines their success in the eyes of their customers. However, maintaining growing quality standards and compliance measures while operating complex, global supply chains puts enormous pressure on manufacturers.  

Fortunately, ERP software can alleviate a lot of this pressure. ERP includes real-time tracking and compliance to help manufacturers maintain tight control of their supply chains. Read on to see how ERP simplifies quality management for manufacturers.  

Complex Supply Chains 

An automotive manufacturer adding innovative features like automatic parking and Bluetooth to its vehicles. An electronics company managing operations across multiple continents. A sheet metal factory running on tight production schedules. The complexity of modern supply chains puts a burden on quality control. Manufacturers must figure out what to do with mass quantities of data in order to track parts and products across complex, global operations without hurting their efficiency.  

This is where ERP comes in. ERP software serves as a central data hub for all your operations, providing full traceability of parts and products at multiple levels of the supply chain. With instant notifications of nonconformant parts or equipment malfunctions, you can tackle issues head-on without suffering downtime. Any assembly, component or subassembly can be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain in real time, so no issue escapes your attention. Epicor’s ERP solution also enables operators to use touch-screen technology to gain a clear, detailed view of production performance at all times.  

Furthermore, Epicor’s multi-company menu extends this visibility beyond your location. Authorized users can view operations across the enterprise, accessing data and updating records throughout multiple plants and warehouses without logging in and out of different companies. With real-time tracking and insights, manufacturers can prevent complex supply chains from experiencing lapses in quality.  


Standards and regulations aren’t lightening up, requiring manufacturers to go to great lengths to uphold compliance. ERP solutions can set the foundation for compliance, thereby easing manufacturing workloads. ERP solutions include comprehensive quality management modules that help companies meet mandates throughout the manufacturing, packaging and handling of products. 

Epicor includes one of the most comprehensive quality management modules, covering 98 percent of quality management characteristics and surpassing the average 82 percent. It’s uniquely equipped to support a large variety of industry standards, including ISO, automotive (TS), aerospace (AS) and FDA requirements. Epicor maintains complete audit trails and documentation to simplify compliance. The vendor provides an all-inclusive quality assurance framework to help manufacturers maintain compliance and avoid fines without sacrificing productivity.  

Supplier Relationships 

Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t just have their own products and processes to worry about. Maintaining high quality and compliance also requires keeping a close eye on suppliers. This proves a tall order, particularly for large companies with hundreds of suppliers.  

But this isn’t a challenge for your ERP solution. ERP provides real-time updates on inbound shipment inspections and quality levels. Instant notifications ensure plant managers are aware of delays and issues, so production lines and processes can be quickly adjusted to limit downtime. Epicor also creates detailed receipts of supplier performance history by tracking lead time and delivery. With these tools in place, manufacturers can work with reliable suppliers to uphold quality and compliance at every step of the supply chain.  

Wrap Up 

Quality means everything to manufacturers and their customers. As quality and compliance standards increase, manufacturers have no room for error. With Epicor, they can rest assured that their parts and products are up to par. Epicor has provided manufacturing solutions for over 45 years. They understand the needs of specific industries and the importance of quality management. 

As a certified Epicor Gold Partner, Datix also values quality management. Working closely with each client, we ensure every ERP solution meets unique business needs. Our consultants execute software projects from start to finish, sticking with you long after go live to offer continuous improvement and maintenance. With implementations, integrations and customizations under one roof, we’re a single touchpoint for all your ERP needs. 

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