Best CRM to manage LinkedIn Contacts+Chats and emails from Gmail/Outlook365

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I'm on the market to find a CRM that integrates with LinkedIn contacts and the chats, my personal emails on gmail, my professional emails on outlook 365. Bonus points if it can integrate with my text messages on iphone.

Ideally for a given contact (lets call him 'Bob') I would like a centralized platform that tells me that I connected with Bob on LinkedIn on this day, I chatted with him on LinkedIn (can we get a transcript of the LinkedIn chat in the CRM?), we exchanged emails thru gmail/outlook365.

So far the best options I found are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM because these are the only 2 CRMs that can get linked to LinkedIn salesnavigator. Which is fine. Im already looking into those but the learning curve is pretty steep so im looking for additional advice just in case im missing anything!

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